Health Insurance for Families

Health Insurance for Families

Health insurance for families has been a tricky topic in the past. Many employers have declined to offer family coverage, or if they have offered it, the premiums have been difficult for a family to afford. When family coverage is available, it often fails to cover essential care, or insurers might deny coverage for children with disabilities or pre-existing conditions. Now that the government has passed the Affordable Care Act, though, family health insurance coverage has changed. The new law makes insurers more accountable, eliminates some unfair coverage gaps and makes family coverage a much more realistic – and helpful – reality.

Health Insurance for Families Covers Preventative Care
The Affordable Care Act provides for preventative care coverage under family plans – at no cost to you. This includes things like vaccinations for kids, and preventative benefits for mothers. Health insurance for families just got a lot more inclusive and easier on your wallet.

Family Coverage is More Family Friendly
Under the ACA, job-based health plans and family coverage plans aren’t allowed to deny coverage for your kids based on a pre-existing condition. Under the new family plan rules, even children with disabilities can get coverage under your health insurance plan. Additionally, insurance companies are not allowed to impose lifetime dollar limits on anything dubbed an “essential health benefit.”

Teens and Young Adults can Stay on Your Family Plan
The age penalty for family coverage has been expanded to allow teenagers and young adults to stay on your family plan. Under the new rules, kids can stay up to the age of 26 if your policy allows dependent coverage.

If your employer doesn’t offer a good family coverage plan, shop for health insurance for families through your state’s Health Insurance Marketplace. You can easily compare family plans, evaluate benefits and premiums and select the best health insurance coverage for your family.

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