Comparing Health Insurance Quotes

Comparing Health Insurance Quotes

Getting quotes for health insurance, and figuring out which plan is best for your family, used to be an exercise in frustration. Health insurance coverage quotes were custom tailored based on gender, age, pre-existing conditions, current health and a variety of other factors. It was virtually impossible to compare plans because each plan obscured certain costs and deductibles, and touted great benefits that only applied in certain situations. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, though, comparing online quotes for health insurance has gotten a lot easier.

Comparing Quotes for Health Insurance is Simplified with the Health Insurance Marketplace
Under the Affordable Care Act, it’s easier than ever to compare online quotes for health insurance. Each state has its own Health Insurance Marketplace that enables you to quickly and painlessly get health insurance coverage quotes and compare plans. Simply browse to your state’s Health Insurance Exchange, select the plan type – individual, family or small business – and enter some basic information. The ACA requires insurers to provide transparent coverage quotes and policy information to make it easy for you to compare plans and make an informed health care decision.

Make Sure You Compare Plans and Review the SBC
The Health Insurance Marketplace makes it easy for you to get online quotes for health insurance, and the ACA requires insurers to provide you with easy-to-understand information about the policy. When you’re comparing plans, review the Summary of Benefits and Coverage, or SBC. The SBC is a short, plain-language summary that makes it easy for you to compare benefits between plans and providers. The SBC also includes coverage examples as comparison tools to see what the plan would cover in common medical situations – for example, delivering a baby or undergoing routine preventative care.

When you’re comparing online quotes, make sure you review the SBC to understand what each plan offers. Make an informed decision about your health care, and find the best plan for your family based on your budget and medical care needs.

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